Some titles


Love thy Neighbours: To what extent can the social media be considered a religion in contemporary culture?


I predict a riot: What was the mentality of those behind the summer riots and were their actions legitimate or simply acts of hooliganism?


Mirror Mirror on the Wall, which Fine Art is best of all? A Philosophical Inquiry into whether Beauty has disappeared from Modern Day Artworks.


Breaking the Festival Barriers: Is the music festival an exercise in liberation and expression, or simply another mode of social constraint?

Have I missed anyone out?


Yesterday’s presentations

What arose from yesterday’s presentations was a commonbality of inbterest around a few concepts:


non-productive-expenditure (Bataille)

education as personal development (Schiller and German Idealism)

It would be useful if you were to use the reply box below this post to suggest the best sources/philosophers/works to analyse these concepts in depth.

Just a reminder

I know it is a busy time, finishing off essays etc., but a gentle reminder that you need to post a 500 word report on these pages and prepare a presentation for the first weeks of term. You can email me the report if you like, but try to add it to your page here using the reply button.

Oh, and, happy new year.